Multi Touch Pad for Windows

Let's multitouch of Windows with your phones and tablets!

This is an App which can do the multi-Touch operation supported by Windows 7, 8 by your Android SmartPhones and Tablets. It supports streaming play of the desktop, so you are able to touch more intuitive. And it is supporting the wireless communications with LAN and Bluetooth.

Multi-touch to the traditional desktop PC. It can be treated like a touch mouse. Quickly access to the data of the game on screen.


You can get the application of the Android version from Google Play or this site. As for the free version, an advertisement is displayed on the screen(Standard version is here). Moreover, the client software for receiving and processing the communication from App needs to be installed for your Windows. You can get software from the following link. Please install .NET Framework 4.0 in Windows 7.

Download Client Software
Ver 1.x→1.4 difference files(You can update the version with overwriting those files)
Windows 7,8 32bit Windows 7,8 64bit
Windows Vista 32bit Windows Vista 64bit
Windows XP 32bit
*In Windows XP and Vista, it becomes single touch operation.

Is the response of a screen bad? Would you like to touch more freely? Would you like to use a software keyboard? If that's right, please try Desktop PC Controller for Windows 10.