About Remocon UI

Remocon(Remote controll) UI is a user interface tool that runs on the browser. You can use AJAX (HTTP POST) for remote control like a TV remote control. Please use it to control embedded devices running HTTP servers such as Raspberry PI, or to work with remote services that support REST APIs such as IFTTT.

No additional apps are required. From design to send command settings, you can operate only in the browser. You can easily rearrange and resize buttons by drag and drop them with a mouse or touches. The button has more than 1000 icons distributed by Material Design Icons. In addition, you can use the original image file.

IndexedDB or localStorage automatically saves your design to a local device, but json format I/O makes it easy to migrate and share data. Your design is automatically saved to the local device by IndexedDB or localStorage API, but it supports export/import as JSON file.

Remocon UI is available as an open-source project under the MIT license (Donate, please!). If you want more customization, edit the source code directly.