Skin Creation Tool : How to use

You can create an original controller and re-edit downloaded skins by using a skin creation tool.

Toolbar / Menubar

Open existing files(as *.wcs).
Overwrite the current data.
Write the current data to the specified place.
Output all images containing the current data to the specified folder.
Show the parts' border.
Undo the operation.
Cancel an undo.
Cut selected parts.
Copy selected parts.
Paste parts in the cripboard.
Delete selected parts.
Adjust selected parts to the top.
Adjust selected parts to the bottom.
Adjust selected parts to the vertical center.
Adjust selected parts to the left.
Adjust selected parts to the right.
Adjust selected parts to the horizontal center.
Adjust the width of selected parts.
Adjust the height of selected parts.
Adjust the size of selected parts.
Select the page of group parts.
Back from the group/float panel.


To append the parts, please select the parts from the left list and drag a mouse on the center area. When you want to move parts on the area, please select "Pointer" and select these parts.

If unselected or only one selecting, a parameter editor shows on the right. Meaning of parameters are those.

Common items

PositionSet the part's area with pixel.
zIndexIf this value is larger, it will move to the front when it overlaps.
IDThe id for actions.


Basic information of the skin.

Background ColorColor of a background.
Background ImageImage of a background. This size becomes a basis of a skin. When there is no image, it treats as 640x480 pixels.
SizeShows an skin size. It can't edit.
NameName of the skin. It shows on the skin manager.
AuthorAuthor of the skin. It shows on the skin manager.
DescriptionDescription of the skin. It shows on the skin manager.
ThumbnailSample image. It shows on the skin manager.
ScalingSpecify the display way when the display area and the size of the skin is not the same.
CenteringDisplays to the center of an area without scaling.
FitHorizonFit to the horizontal.
FitVerticalFit to the vertical.
FitInsideFit to an area.
Front-Behind MotionAssigns operation when a device was tilting forward and backward.
xGame stick X-axis.
yGame stick Y-axis.
rxGame stic Rx-axis.
ryGame stick Ry-axis.
MouseXMouse cursor X-axis.
MouseYMouse cursor Y-axis.
WheelVMouse wheel Y-axis(Vertical).
WheelHMouse wheel X-axis(Horizontal).
zGame stick Z-axis.
rzGame stic Rz-axis.
Left-Right MotionAssigns operation when a device was tilting left and right.
PlacementCriterion of a tile sensor.
HorizontalLaying is a criterion.
VerticalStanding is a criterion.


Executes an action by toucing.

Default ImageImage on the state of a default.
Pushed ImageImage on the state of pressing.
CircleTouch area makes into circle when this value is True.
Action(Down)Set an action when the button is pressed. You can select form decided candidates.
ResetReset all the inputs.
DownPress the target key.
UpRelease the target key.
RapidOnStart the continuous input. Numerical value is the coutn per second.
RapidOffStop the continuous input.
ResetReset all the inputs.
MoveMove the cursor. Unit is persent. Position is converted to the next value target(0-Screen, 1-Acitve window).
LeftDownPress the left button.
MiddleDownPress the center button.
RightDownPress the right button.
LeftUpRelease the left button.
MiddleUpRelease the center button.
RightUpRelease the right button.
ResetReset all the touches.
MoveMove the position. First value is the touch id. Next values are same as mouse.
DownPress at the target position. Other values are the same as mouse-move.
UpRelese at the target position. Other values are the same as mouse-move.
ResetReset all the inputs.
DownPress a button. DPad means a digital stick.
UpRelease a button.
RapidOnStart the continuous input. /td>
RapidOffStop the continuous input.
joystickExecute a gamestick operation.
enableChange an enable state. First value is the target part's id and next value is the state(1-Enable, 0-Disable). But the target is a screen, next value means its mode(1-Touch mode, 0-Display mode).
sleepWait the value milliseconds.
groupMove the group part's page. First value is the part's id. Second value is the page. If you add the sign(+ or -), it treats as relative. Otherwise, it treats as abosolute.
commandExecute a command line. For example, "notepad.exe" executes a notepad.
Action(Up)Set an action when the button was released.
OnSequenceSet the behavior when that button was pressed while an action is executing.
ExcludeDon't execute.
StackExecute repetition after waiting for an end.
ImmidiateExecute duplication.
ToggleIt acts as a toggle button when this value is True.


Stick operation in which a value is decided by the button's position.

Default PositionSet a default position.
MinimumLeft or bottom
MaximumRight or top
Stick ImageAn image of the stick. Please don't use a large image because this image becomes the moving area of the stick.
Stick TypeA type of the stick.
RoundMove in every direction.
VerticalMove vertical only.
HorizonMove horizontal only.
Slider XInput for a horizontal moving.
xGame stick X-axis
yGame stick Y-axis
zGame stick Z-axis
rxGame stick Rx-axis
ryGame stick Ry-axis
rzGame stick Rz-axis
sliderGame stick slider
dialGame stick dial
MouseXMouse cursor X-axis
MouseYMouse cursor Y-axis
WheelVMouse wheel vertical
WheelHMouse wheel horizontal
Slider YInput for a vertical moving.
StabilizeIt keeps a position even if you released from the stick when this value is True.


Show the software keyboard. That keys becomes a square when an aspect is 2:5.

LayoutLayout of the keyboard. When this value is "AppSetting", it depends on app's setting.
Frame ColorColor of a key frame.
Key ColorColor of a key.
Pressed Key ColorColor of a pressed key.
Text ColorColor of a text on a key.


Touchpad for mouse operations like on the notebook PC.


Display ModeIs becomes a display mode when this value is True and False becomes a touch mode. If you want to change the mode, please use button's antion and change Enable property.
Display NumberSet a display number. "0" shows a primary monitor always. Other numbers are dependent on graphic output devices.

Group panel

This is the container that collects multiple parts. For changing the page, touches the panel or executes an action.

Changing AnimationSet the page changing animation way.
NoneChanges in an instant.
FadeBecomes transparent gradually.
SlideVSlides to the vertical direction.
SlideHSlides to the horizontal direction.
RotateVRotates to the vertical direction.
RotateHRotates to the horizontal direction.
Page by touchYou can move the page by touching the area when this value is True.

Your double clicks can edit each page. To move a page, please select from the combobox on the toolbar. Each page can place buttons, sticks, keyboards, and touchpads. To back from a page, please click the button at the right of the combobox.

Background ImageSet a background image. Location is always top-left.

Float panel

It sets a button at the target position and show the container when you pressed it.

Background ColorBackground color of the panel.
Background ImageBackground image of the panel. Its location is always on the center of the panel.
Default ImageDefault image of the button.
Pushed ImagePressed image of the button.
Float PositionPosition of the panel.
Frame ColorFrame color of the panel.
MarginAdd a margin when this value is True.
ScalingScaling child parts when those are overflow from the panel.
CircleTouchable area becomes a circle when this value is True.

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