My Reading Mode (Brower extension)

"My Reading Mode" is an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge. Existing Ad-Blockers are heavy because database of the blacklist appends every day. Moreover, when those tools are working, some site shows an unpleasant message or executes the script that operation stops.

It executes filtering with a white list method. Only by specifying beforehand only the point which wants to read indeed the site which you visit continually, you can enjoy comfortable browsing.

- Basic usage -
This item will be shown on an extended manager when this extension was installed correctly.
First of all, you specify URL and a name on the list which you want. You can also use a wildcard. But, if it doesn't exist in and the last character is a slash(/), this definition is applied to all the rank more than this url.
You can set up finely whether execution of scripts is permitted. If it has no exclusion in it, it blocks before downloading all scripts. It blocks almost all advertisements because those are depending on the script fundamentally and it is useful for reduction of the traffic and power consumption. You can specify exceptions. But it may not work correctly depending on target pages such as delay loading scripts.
In the web widgets, it included the script definition about those services. For exsample, if you want watch YouTube contents in the filtered page, please check "YouTube". Moreover, "Inline script" means the script directly executes inside, like "<script>var n = 0;</script>".

When you checked "Force default context menu" that ignores original processings(like disables right-click menu) and shows a browser's default menu.

You can read an article with the layout which kept up an original atmosphere of the web page when you accept stylesheets.
In the "layout if you checked except "Single page" filtered contents are distributed to multiple columns. However, please take care about the point which requires time for creating layout and distribution contents. If that site supports a url parameter, you can treat it like a dictionary by enabling a search bar.
You can add a define the filtering by clicking the button right of "Target element". It a foundations that specifing the tag which satisfy the conditions. For finding a tag, please see the html source or launch a developer mode(F12 key). ...Wait! Please don't give up when you don't know about the dom document system.
If you entered the url into "Target site\ a button "Select a target from the page" enables. When clicked this button, extension executes wizard mode at the new tab. This mode is effective unless you move to other tabs or reload that page.

In wizard mode, the element under a cursor is highlighted with a blue frame. A dialog will be shown on that page by clicking that frame, please adjust the range of an element(you can use "+" and "-" key for extension/reduction). When you press OK button, that parameter will be reflected on the option page's dialog.
You can divide elements from a target element by "Add a filter". When you execute wizard mode from a filtering dialog, a shown page was filtered by current setting. On "Includes a text\ it filtered when the specify text includes(neighboring tags may also influence).
The action of filtering is as follows.If you finished a setup briefly, presses the "Add/update a define" button at the bottom. If there is no same url in a list, that definition add to it, otherwise, the existing item will be overwritten.If there is no same url in a list, that definition add to it, otherwise, the existing item will be overwritten.

There is also a method of using the definition which other persons created. When a preset text was read using an import tool, it will be added to a list immediately.
Conversely, I am supporting "export" which outputs the data as a text. You can reuse a definition in other environments by copying this text(for reasons of the security of a browser, it cannot write as a text file directly). In addition, you can output only the current editing data by clicking a button together with a Shift key.

That setup is automatically saved at the same time it registers with a list. Let's open the target page immediately and check the effect of filtering. If you have installed Ad-Blocker and except the target url at that extension, the trouble by competition of filtering will decrease. If you want to display original contents, please select "Reload without filters" from a right-click menu.

- Let's try -
I made the test page which links to this. You will understand how it works by reading a guidance on this page. You can download the browser extensions from here.
- Get the extension -