TNK Surround Audio System is an audio server application that specializes in surround audio. Surround audio mixing output can be easily realized by using a USB audio adapter.
Easy connection
Just select the inputs and outputs and press the play button, and you can enjoy the powerful sound.
Operate from a smartphone
This app is designed to operate in a browser. By doing this, it can be controlled from a smartphone.
Play with multiple speakers at the same
Loopback recording allows simultaneous output to multiple devices. For Windows 10, I provide high quality audio through C++ WASAPI(Windows Audio Session API) / ALSA(Advanced Linux Sound Architecture).
Supports S/PDIF I/O
If you have an audio pass-through adapter, you can use an optical audio cable to capture surround audio (Supports Dolby Digital/AC3 and dts) to your computer or output it to an external audio device. If a device doesn't have a S/PDIF output connector(such as PlayStation 4 Slim), you can be imported via HDMI with a converer.
Fade-in playback
When this feature is enabled, the volume gradually returns from silence to normal volume during playback. You can avoid the trouble of the loud sound suddenly coming out when you wear headphones.
Virual surround
It has a 2ch surround effect program and a virtual surround program that simulates 5.1ch surround on the stereo audio. You get surround sound even if it's stereo audio.
Individual volume control
Recorded audio can be changed individually. In addition to tweaking the speaker placement, you can also highlight the volume on the back to help you focus on the back on the 3D game.
Equipped with 10 band audio equalizer as standard. You can create your favorite audio environment from various players.
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Linux Opensource Project

I'm considering to release the Linux version that also works on Rapberry Pi as an open source. Would anyone like to sponsor it?