A default skin is loaded when you lanuch an application for the first time, or when a skin which used last cannot be read.

If lanuching of this app is first, first of all, please push a menu button and choose "Setting". Please tap "Connection" item which is on the top of the list and tap "Add" button after detail is shown.

Please input the address which you want to connect to. You can confirm an address at the log of client software.


In order to avoid the load to the device, in initial setting, the display method of the display is "Grid". If you want to show a desktop image, please choose "Capture" from the list. In addition, it is better to make the slider of "Audio quality" into the leftmost and disabled it, if audio transfer is unnecessary(The load of a device decreases more).

A success of connection will show a touch-panel area on the screen. If the error message of "Connection failed" is shown although that address is correct, please reboot this app.

Tool buttons are shown on the lower part of the screen when it's a default skin. Central button is Windows Button(Metro UI is shown if it works on Windows 8), left side is software keyboard(If you think that a keyboard is obstructive, please reduce the value of "Panel Transparency" of this page. Then, it becomes semi-transparent), and right is touch-display mode switch button. Please refer to the column of a screen for display mode.

You can enjoy the controller which specialized in operation of Microsoft Office, Photoshop, etc. by loading a skin file. Please read here about the usage of skin files.


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