Skin creation tool

You can create an original controller using a skin creation tool. In addition, skin files of Windows Controller which you can get on Internet can re-edit using this tool.

Contents of operation in tool buttons of the window upper are as follows.
Open the existing skin file(.wcs)
Overwrite a file
Save a file at the specified storage place.
output images stored in the editting skin file to the specified folder
Draw controls' border
Return one step of operation(Undo)
Cancel undo
Delete selected control after storing to a clipboard
Storing selected controls to a clipboard
Paste controls in a clipboard
Delete selected controls
Place selected controls upwards
Place selected controls downward
Place selected controls center of vertical
Place selected controls leftside
Place selected controls rightside
Place selected controls center of horizontal
Arrange the width of selected controls
Arrange the height of selected controls
Arrange the size of selected controls
Choose the page of a group panel
End edit of a group panel

If control is chosen from the list of the left window and it drug to the central area, you can add the control. When you want to choose or to move placed control, you choose "Pointer" from the list, and click and drag the target control.

If Controls is un-choosing or chose a single, a parameter setting list will be displayed on the right. Then, please specify values.

Controls which can be placed







Group Panel

Float Panel

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