You can get the application for Android version at Google Play. And from a software introduction page, please download client software and install it in your Windows PC to operate.

To install client software, you choose "setup.exe" from the files outputted when an archive file is expanded and click "Install" button. Since options are displayed before installation, please change if you need.

Since the window which warns of installation of a driver is displayed during installation, please grant a permission.

When installation of a driver fails, you need to delete cash of the driver manually. Please delete according to the following procedures.
  1. Delete files named "tnkhid" in "C:\Windows\System32" folder.
  2. Execute "DriverInstall.exe" in the "files" folder, and choose "Install".
  3. Open Device Manager and if it has "TNK Virtual HID", you right-click that item and choose "Delete" with "Delete the driver software for this device" checked.

Installs Mirror Display Driver. This is an option, and even if it does not install, the application operates. But, I recommend to install because the load of CPU decreases and desktop capture becomes more speedy.


Choose "Uninstall" from "Setup.exe" or execute "Uninstall.exe" from an installation folder to uninstall this program.

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