Hardware setting

On Desktop PC Controller, it records the sound currently played on the desktop by the way of loopback recording. This is the way of acquiring the data by which the sound outputted once. In order to validate this, you need to specify the recording device beforehand.

To specification of the device, first, you open "Sound" of the control panel. Next, you choose "Playback" tab and validate "Speaker(analog)" from a device list. Digital sounds, such as HDMI and optical output, cannot be used. There are some devices which do not function if the plug is not connected. In this case, please insert an audio plug to the personal computer side(You don't need to connect to the speaker).

Finally, you choose "Recording" tab, and choose a "Stereo mixer" from a device list. A setup is completion if the volume bar has reacted.

When hardware is not supporting loopback recording, you can substitute installing a virtual sound driver. Please check up by each one about this.

In order to validate operation of the game controller, You choose "TNK Virtual HID" from the controller list displayed on the setting screen of the game which you want to use.

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