Place the stick control which a value decides by the position of the button.

Default PositionSpecify a position when not touching the stick.
MinimumLeft or bottom
MaximumRight or top
PositionSpecify the position of control by pixel.
Pushed ImageSpecify a pushed button image.
Stick ImageImage of the button. Because the moving range of the stick is decided by size of this picture, please avoid the extremely large picture.
Stick Type
RoundMove to 360 degrees.
VerticalMove vertically.
HorizonMove horizontally.
IDSpecify the number for identifying of macro.
Slider XSpecify the input process to horizontal movement.
xGame stick : X Axis
yGame stick : Y Axis
zGame stick : Z Axis
rxGame stick : RX Axis
ryGame stick : RY Axis
rzGame stick : RZ Axis
sliderGame stick : Slider
dialGame stick : Dial
MouseXMouse pointer : X direction
MouseYMouse pointer : Y direction
WheelVMouse wheel : Vertical scroll
WheelHMouse wheel : Horizontal scroll
Slider YSpecify the input process to vertical movement.
StabilizeIf True, even if you release a button, it does not go back to an initial position.

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