Group panel

This is a container to which you can group controls per page. To change pages, you execute a macro, or flick or tap the control area.

Changing AnimationSpecify the animation type of a page change.
NoneNot animate, but change in an instant.
FadeBecome transparent gradually.
SlideVSlide to up and down.
SlideHSlide to left and right.
RotateVRotate to up and down.
RotateHRotate to left and right.
PositionSpecify the position of control by pixel.
IDSpecify the number for identifying of macro.
Page by touchIf it is True, a page movement by touch and flip in control becomes enable.

If control is double-clicked, you can edit the inside of pages. Controls which can be placed in is Button, Stick, and Keyboard. Please change the value of the combo box of the top of window to edit other pages. When finishing edit, you click on the arrow icon on the right of the combo box.

Background ImageSpecify a background image. A position is upper left always.

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