A Skin itself in here, and when not having chosen control, it is displayed on the property list.

Background ColorSpecify background color
Background ImageSpecify background image. The size of this image turns into size of this skin.
NameInput the name of this skin to display on a skin selection list.
ScalingSpecify the display way in case the device screen size and the size of the skin are not fit.
CenteringDoesn't scale but displays in the center of the screen
FitHorizonFit the horizontal direction of the screen
FitVerticalFit the vertical direction of the screen
FitInsideAdjusted to screen the whole image of the skin
SizeThe size of a background image, in short, the size of the skin which you are editing
ThumbnailThumbnail image to display on a skin selection list
Front-Behind MotionAssign operation when the device is leaned forward and backward.
xGeme stick : X Axis
yGame stick : Y Axis
rxGame stick : RX Axis
ryGame stick : RY Axis
MouseXMouse pointer : X direction
MouseYMouse pointer : Y direction
WheelVMouse wheel : Vertical scroll
WheelHMouse wheel : Horizontal scroll
Left-Right MotionAssign operation when a device is leaned to right and left.
PlacementSpecify the criterion of a tilt sensor.
HorizontalBased on the state where it puts down
VerticalBased on the state where it stands

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