Float panel

The button for showing the container to which controls are grouped is placed and edited container appears when the button was pushed. That container will be closed if you tap the outside of container area.

Background ColorSpecify the background color of this panel.
Background ImageSpecify the background image. Position is the center always.
Default ImageSpecify the button image.
Float PositionSpecify the display position of the panel.
TopTop of screen.
Frame ColorSpecify the frame color of the panel.
MarginIf True, Margin arises on the panel.
PositionSpecify the position of control(launch button) by pixel.
Pushed ImageSpecify the pushed button image.
ScalingWhen this panel is not held in the screen, all controls are scaled.
CircleIf True, the recognition range of a touch will becomes circle.
IDSpecify the number for identifying of macro.

If control is double-clicked, you can edit the inside of pages. Controls which can be placed in is Button, Stick, and Keyboard. When finishing edit, you click on the arrow icon on the right of the combo box.

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