Information of a software introduction program

TNK software provides the affiliate service named "Software introduction program" for the purpose of the efficient ad campaign in few budgets and reduction of the profits to users.
※This service is as of August, 2016. I may change service contents in the future.

The usage of service

1. Create a PayPal account.
You create account of electronic-money service "PayPal" requir for the receiving of remuneration. A creation and a upkeep of account are free. However, for some countries, a scale of charge arises to transfer to your bank account. In detail, please see the PayPal website help.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

2. Create a referral link
Create a dedicated software referral link with registered PayPal email address. You can guide directly to the software introduction page as well as the top page. You can also create a shorten url and a QR code with a single click.

3. Paste link
I have not applied restriction to the advertisement way. So, Please use the created link address freely such as the text or picture link of HTML, E-Mail, twitter, word-of-mouth communication to your friends and printing of a coterie magazine.

4. Payment of remuneration
If the person visited from this link purchases software later, I will pay you 20% of the software selling price as a referral fee by PayPal. For example, if "Manga Effect Plug-in" sells, I will pay 18.0$x0.2=3.6$ to you. As for this, the purchase of different product from the link is also effective.

About registration of this program

If you have account of PayPal, registration is unnecessary and can make a link immediately. If you have a question, please ask me by e-mail or a forum.

Go to the link creation page.