About Developer

Tanaka Yusuke is a developper specializing in Game, Programming, Utility, Graphics, Database, and Internet in Japan. I developed card-type database for Windows as a university student and it was a tremendous success. On this occasion, I founded "TNKa", which was the forerunner of the present TNK software. Thereafter, regardless of genres, many variegation of personal computer software such as utilities and games, etc. has been released. "TNKa" changed name to "TNK software" in 2003 and it arrives up to the present time.

About this site
NameTNK Software
ManagerTanaka Yusuke

Privacy Policy
In order to keep a private information, TNK software is performing all possible management of installation of security software, the direct input of a mail address(not register to an address book), etc.

Except for the demand based on laws, such as a lawsuit and an inquiry, I don't release and sale of the private information to the 3rd party.

To a softwareware registered user, the registered information is used for informational services, such as an advise of a updating of software. This service can also be stopped at your wish except for important information.

In order to prevent the theft of the private information by the attack from the outside, TNK Software is performing the Safe Hex to the software of 1 time or more at one week, perfect virus scan in HDD per month, and OS clean installation every three months.

Software terms
When using the software and the Web site application which are distributed by TNK software, I consider that the following agreement is what you accepted. In order to prevent the difference of the agreement by the mistake in translation, a text is written in Japanese. Although you can peruse the translation result by Bing, there is no guarantee of the contents of translation.